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The Program


Business and music?

Making music involves values and skills prevalent in organizations like vision, excellence, communication, cooperation, listening, rhythm, preparation, improvisation and quality. The Maestro program presents a mirror in which the organization's actual character and mode of functioning are reflected; it offers a fresh perspective on a wide range of key organizational issues. The musical environment provides a safe, relaxed atmosphere for discussion and self-reflection encouraging creativity and innovation. Internationally renowned conductor Yuval Benozer leads participants on a fascinating journey offering managers and team members an inspiring emotional and intellectual experience offering innovative ways to diminish weaknesses and enhance personal and organizational strengths.  


Leading organizations around three continents participated in the Maestro program created by conductors Yuval Benozer and Itay Talgam.


The rich and flexible program offers a variety of structures, tailored for organization's specific needs, from interactive lectures to full-day workshops, providing a unique opportunity to improve management, leadership, teamwork and organizational culture.

Why Maestro?

In a light, entertaining atmosphere, the Maestro Program encourages participants to improve their capabilities, strengths and leadership styles. Providing an opportunity

to examine the management's teamwork patterns, the program emphasizes the special qualities of the organization and the individuals' role in it, with special emphasis on the importance of cooperation and mutual support.

Where does Maestro fit in?

Encouraging creativity and innovation, the program is suitable for a wide range of corporate events and processes: team building, system thinking, leadership development, executive meetings and board retreats, celebrating organizational milestones and promoting creativity and innovation.

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