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The Maestro management workshop


The silent conductor produces magical sounds from a wide range of instruments, leading his orchestra in harmonious, coordinated playing.   With his baton, the conductor transforms chaotic warm-up sounds into coherent, clear and meaningful messages.

The Maestro Program enables participants to adapt the experience accumulated in playing music to their own frameworks, thereby achieving more harmonious cooperation among the organization's players.

You are the Maestro: The manager as a conductor

leadership and motivating communication

The Maestro management workshop

This workshop is designed for groups of 8-25 managers. It encourages

participants to reexamine major issues of management and leadership.    

This unique, efficient method was successfully integrated in managerial courses and education systems of many leading organizations worldwide.

Based on self-examination of participants' communication and leadership skills, the program focuses on leaders' role as inspiring motivators.                                


  • Improving managerial skills

  • Examining and forming a new self-image of leadership which combines participants' capabilities with the organization's character and needs.

  • Offering participants a unique emotional and intellectual leadership experience.

  • Providing co-workers an opportunity for dialogue in open informal atmosphere 

  • Empowering managers


  • Personal leadership style

  • Exploring and using the participant's skills

  • Listening and dialogue

  • Leadership and influence in different circles: employees, colleagues and  clients.

  • Crisis management

  • Vision as a major motivating force

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