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Yuval Benozer brings topics central to the organization.

In ongoing dialogue with the conductor, the audience will participate in a musical and intellectual experience.

A live string quartet will create the special experience that accompanies participants for a long time after the end of program.

1. The organization as an orchestra – for larger groups

What inspires, motivates and attracts audiences and turns concerts into a unique electrifying experience? 

What is the difference between an ordinary orchestra and a successful one? 

Is it the players' quality, the working plan, the music selection, the remuneration?

What is the conductor's part in its success?

The program provides inspiration to organizations wishing to improve and refresh their practices.

The lecture deals with the following themes: communication within the organization, Listening and dialogue, conditions for effective teamwork, vision and inspiration.

2. You are the Maestro – for managers

What is the need of the conductor in an orchestra of excellent player? How does conductor to motivates players?  What is the proper balance between dictating and enabling?

The lecture deals with the following themes: personal leadership style

Exploring and using the participant's skills, body language, the human voice as a managerial tool, leadership, communication within the organization, listening and dialogue, vision as a major motivating foundation, crises management.

3. The secret of quality

How come IPO has a loyal public for decades, since its foundation?

Is it the great composer's music? the orchestra's fame? The fame of Maestro Zubin Mehta?

Who is responsible for the quality of the concert?

The orchestra is an organization of excellence and quality, it is a perfect model for organizations; its members – musicians and administrative workers –

all take part in a complex process culminating in the performance inducing audiences to keep coming back year after year.

In this lecture we shall examine together the parameters, the parallels and differences between a fine-tuned orchestra and a successful business organization.

Interactive Lectures

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