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Teamwork building

for managers and team members

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Musical ensembles, from three members up, are the basis for chamber music and Jazz.

Each member is a full partner in the process of achieving objectives and is responsible for the quality of the product.


This workshop emphasizes learning and understanding which result from the personal experience of each participant's activity in the workshop.

The workshop participants' experience provides insights about the sophistication, difficulties, power and satisfaction inherent in teamwork.

The workshop focuses on understanding efficient teamwork, integration of members' special contribution and need for cooperation.


  • Improving the organization's teamwork

  • Reconsidering and reshaping teamwork patterns to fit the organization's character and needs

  • Increase awareness about the organization's values and improve the team's ability to induce change.

  • Offer participants a unique personal experience providing insights about roles and colleagues feelings

  • Satisfaction and pleasure involved in the learning process



  • Personal pace versus the organization's pace

  • Listening and dialogue

  • Components of effective teamwork

  • The manager as team builder

  • Team interrogation and improvement in repetition of a mission

  • Teamwork in my organization

The Perfect Ensemble

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